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At The Elder Group we believe in giving back. Here's what we're currently working on:

International Youth Foundation 

The International Youth Foundation works to connect young people with opportunities to transform their lives.  The Elder Group is honored to feature them and their outstanding work.


The Elder Group is proud to be supporting the Alzheimer's Foundation for their work in combatting the disease, helping to make the lives better of those who have the disease and their caregivers. See their website for complete information, and please give as much as you are able to this worthy organization.

The Angels Food Shack
Alyssa Larsen is a teacher on a mission in Spanish Fork, UT. “All of my special needs students want to work and be a productive part of our town and surrounding communities. While they are within our school system, we have some resources and small areas to help them find work. However, once they graduate it’s very difficult for them to find any job at all”. So Alyssa decided to do something about it. “I decided that the only way to help them succeed is to create work for them and help their communities directly”. And The Angels Food Shack project was created. Our goal at The Elder Group is to help Alyssa achieve this mission and create lasting change for these very special people.

Individuals with Disabilities:

The Elder Group has been participating in philanthropy opportunities to assist individuals with disabilities. Over these interactions Mr. Elder has assisted in creating job training or career opportunities for individuals with disabilities which has opened doors that were not previously available. These individuals are currently completing job training opportunties in nursing homes, manufacturing companies, artistic approaches, and gaming companies. In gaining these opportunities it has created greater self worth, confidence and belief in what these individuals are capable of achieving rather than feeling that door is one that will never open. 

Four Oaks Foundation: The Four Oaks Foundation works to empower children and families to achieve stability, self-sufficiency and permanency.

Parry McCluer High School

Within the philanthropic approach the Elder Group has continued their giving persona in aiding students from a rural area low income school in the southern area of Virginia at Parry McCluer High School. In this approach they have come together to feed multiple families, as well as clothing numerous students. Along with these donations they have put together an approach which would provide a washer and dryer, fridge, and stove with an oven for the school which would provide clean clothes to students who otherwise would not have these opportunities. Along with studetns being able to have clean clothes and be fed, it creates the abilities for students to learn how to do such life changing life skills that will take them far in life. In giving these experiences students are gaining self confidence along with self worth among their peers. These life changing events are expanding to help a multitude of children as well as a town.