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Today we are happy to speak with Barry Poskanzer, Senior Partner of Poskanzer Skott Architects. Poskanzer Skott Architects has many years of experience in planning, design and construction of a wide range of projects, from large-scale master planning to new construction, adaptive reuse, interior architecture, retrofit and restoration. The scope of their award-winning work encompasses corporate, medical and healthcare facilities, retail, residential and historic preservation projects.

Why are so many companies saying WOW after they start doing business with you?

I think they're impressed with the energy and enthusiasm generated by our team and our ability to come up with innovative designs that are a direct response to their needs. They particularly appreciate the hands-on involvement of the principals. Insight and understanding of our clients' projects instill great confidence - they know they've come to the right firm.

What do you attribute your success?

Our bright, hardworking and loyal staff and the long-standing and trusting relationship I have with my partner, Larry Skott. He and I are both involved in every project and our engagement and genuine enjoyment contributes to what we do. We complement each others' strengths and balance the necessary skills it takes to manage a successful architecture firm.

How do you find your opportunities?

Our normal business development is through outreach and word of mouth, especially from repeat clients and their recommendations to friends and colleagues. In addition, it's important to keep abreast of the changing construction environment, real estate and market trends and the opportunities they present.

How does your internal staff function?

We function as a team in a very relaxed, familial atmosphere. We challenge one another in an ongoing attempt to develop the best ideas for our clients' needs.

How do you promote your business?

Working on various municipal, residential, corporate and medical projects has made us well known in the area. We have a strong presence in the community and support local organizations. Of course we do some advertising and public relations in targeted markets. But the most important promotion is our track record of successful projects and word of mouth from satisfied clients

Where do you see your business as a whole in 10 years?

I'm generally skeptical of ten year projections but for the next five years I see us continuing to grow incrementally and expand into new markets.

What are some of the challenges you face as a business owner and how do you rise above them?

The biggest challenge is continuing to provide excellent service for our clients in these difficult times. Next, would be generating new clients and interesting projects. In addition, we carefully monitor staff size and our production style to adapt to changing conditions.

What sets your company apart from other architecture firms?

It has to be creativity and personal service as well as our energy and enthusiasm. Our sophisticated understanding of the real estate/construction environment and the cross pollination of ideas from our wide variety of projects is unique. Though most of our projects are "within lunch hour" of the office and centered in the Mid-Atlantic region we are also involved in national and global work.

Can you tell us a success story about one of your clients

We'd like to think each project is a success for our clients - that it was completed on budget, on time and met their requirements. The validation is when they call back. Our success is measured by repeat clients and their recommendations.

Barry Poskanzer, Senior Partner, Poskanzer Skott Architects
Office: 201-445-2322 Website: