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We develop CEO to CEO meetings.

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Welcome to The Elder Group

Our company's sole mission is to develop strong relationships with owners, CEOs and decision makers of companies that will take you and your business to the next stage of your success.

Your business is built on the relationships that drive business Business has always been about making real connections, solving problems and building relationships that translate into growth, profitability and commitment. All marketing and sales is about creating moments when those connecitons become real. We have created moments when those connections become real. We have created a business development advisory firm designed to deliver on the promise of your business and give you the introductions you need now.

The Elder Group is happy to bring attention to the International Youth Foundation and their mission to connect young people to opportunities to transform their lives.




The Elder Group is proud to be supporting the Alzheimer's Foundation for their work in combatting the disease, helping to make the lives better of those who have the disease and their caregivers. See their website for complete information, and please give as much as you are able to this worthy organization.

Because The Elder Group only works with people and companies we trust, we are happy to recommend Complete Payroll for your payroll processing needs.
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Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the introductions that can help you make it happen.

Elder Group has a unique methodology designed to leverage insight into your business into real meetings and dialogue with qualified prospects interested in working with you.

An Invitation Only Service:

By its nature, the business of developing business relationships is based on personal knowledge and the ability to reach into your business and help "make it happen". Our's is a business to business service that is not for everybody. We invite you to reach out directily with us to discuss whether our approach can be of true assistance.